• Faye Lyth

Unconditional love.

I never truly knew what that meant, I mean I thought I loved a lot of people unconditionally. But then I give birth to my baby girl, and like a light bulb I completely understood the words unconditional love.

I hope all that are reading this have a lot of love surrounding them. Friends, family, godparents, godchildren, partners, children. Love is truly what makes the world go round and influences the person we grow into. But what comes with love is also a lot of expectation.

As good people we want to always do all we can for our nearest and dearest. To make our loved ones feel loved is an incredible feeling. But at the same time we also expect a lot from them, we sometimes expect them to be a certain way or do certain things that we expect of a 'good friend' or a 'good family member' We need that love, that validation, that boost of confidence. But here's a crazy idea imagine if we let go of all those shackles and expectations and just loved everyone unconditionally??! Wow I think to describe that in one word it would be, freeing. As I carry on with my meditation journey and all that it has to offer I'm hopefully finding along this path of self-discovery that it is possible to love all unconditionally, because you will start to love yourself enough to give yourself confidence, validation and acceptance.

So guys why not set yourself a little task.... My mum once told me, always  say thank you to the universe, and I do every morning. Why not join us,  love the beautiful world around you. Tell yourself 'I love me'. Give yourself a little confidence boost, e.g. if you’re not particularly happy with your weight, tell yourself every morning 'how great do I look!!' As you start accepting yourself and your world around you....maybe we can accept others for exactly who they are and what they bring to the table and maybe even do I dare say them unconditionally. :-) x x x Lots n lots of unconditional love :-)

Faye x x x

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