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Today I want you to think of a moment in your life when you felt complete euphoria.

Euphoria is a state of overwhelming happiness/excitement. When you are so incredibly in that present moment.. it’s almost like it is moving in slow motion.

I think most people can think of a time like that straight away, because it stands out.

I have chosen this picture as this was one of mine, we were in a little hut bar on the beach in the beautiful country that is Laos 🇱🇦 we had been travelling for a few weeks by this point so were feeling very care free, but I remember this night so clearly. As the amp ran out that was supplying the music, I jokingly started singing. Next thing I knew I was being carried onto the bar to serenade everyone!!! #mortified!!!! But you know I went with it. And look how incredibly happy and full of life I look. In that moment there was nothing but an incredible sense of euphoria.

Now what I want you to do it think of that time, that moment for you, it could be anything and sit with it for a little while. Let it fill you up.

Like sitting in a hot bath or a warm hug.

In that moment of euphoria, what were you thinking? If you don’t remember it’s because you weren’t, or you were but it didn’t matter. In that moment you were utterly and completely present. Nothing else mattered.

As we sit here and let that memory fill us up. How does it make you feel, happy, joyful, smiley, warm, peaceful.

Whatever it is, sit with it, enjoy it, maybe write the experience down. I find this always helps, as it almost prolongs the euphoric feeling.

I have wrote ‘overwhelming peace and love’ I don’t think I have wrote that down before.

Also try different euphoric moments that have happened in your life.

I find doing this daily helps my mental state so much, especially as I am a very visual person so love picturing something beautiful and happy.

Give this a little try. I hope it makes you feel better if you need it. I would also love to hear some of your experiences with this. Sit with the feeling, let it fill you up, write it down, how does it make you feel today?

With overwhelming peace and love :-)

Faye x

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