• Faye Lyth

This Year

New Year, fresh start. Take a deep breath, what do you want from this year... whatever it is, Make the number 1 priority on your list, you. Start been kind to yourself. Take your own advice that you offer to others. As we move into this new year try not to take any old baggage with you..whatever that maybe. Leave it at the door of 2016. Don't keep repeating old habits. If there's things you want to change, research ways you can change them. Be proactive. Try to let go of things not meant for you, I know sometimes this is hard we take on board a lot of what's going on around us. But sometimes it's best just to walk away. You may feel free afterwards.

You are not who you see in the mirror, a mirror only sees skin deep. Set yourself a little task, as you first look in the mirror first thing on a morning, close you eyes, take a deep breath.....put your attention inside, on your beautiful heart, feel it beating, think of all the love affection and kindness you give to others. Now put your attention on your mind, imagine it's just like a solar system, the beautiful stars are like your ideas, your creativity, your stories. Now put your attention on your solar plexus, this is an energy point in your body and its right between your rib cage, imagine it's like a beautiful sun getting brighter and brighter... this energy point represents your self ability, self worth, self confidence. Let it shine bright, really bright. Now open your eyes.... that's who you are!!! You're so much more than the reflection in the mirror. You are amazing!! Tell yourself that,everyday!!

Your mind is a powerful thing, when you fill it with positive thoughts, your life will start to change!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR.... imagine this year is a blank scrap book waiting for lots of inspiring, positive, loving yourself stories, pictures and'll never get this time again.....

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