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The Bucket List….

Have you ever sat and thought about when you’re old and frail, you’re on your death bed at hopefully a very grand old age; you’re not in pain you’re  just tired. When you’re thinking back over your life at everything you’ve done, everything you’ve seen, everything you’ve witnessed. Will you look back and smile with no regrets? Can you really truly say to yourself, you did everything you wanted to?

Watching the film ‘The Bucket List’ with Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicolson had me crying like a baby.  When Morgan Freeman’s character found out he was dying of cancer, he wrote a list of things he wanted to do before he died…….. 1. Laugh until I cry 2. See something truly majestic……

Jack Nicholson plays a wealthy hospital owner who ends up with the same fate as Morgan Freeman. He laughs at his list and says if he’s writing a ‘bucket list’ it’s got to be better than that. If money was no object what would be on the list? The pair set out on a fabulous adventure to see the world. When after seeing the world they realise that home and family is where they need to be. Morgan Freeman goes home to his wife. Jack Nicholson makes up with his daughter who he hasn’t seen in years and gets to meet his granddaughter for the first time.

After watching this film it got me thinking…. What should be on a ‘bucket list’? Should it be grand big adventures… travel the world, climb Mount Everest? Or how about see the Great Wall of China, the Taj Mahal, leaning tower of Pisa or float in the Dead Sea. Or would it be more simple things, have a partner who loves you unconditionally, a place you call home, find peace?

I decided to write my own ‘bucket list’, after researching and checking out what others had put on theirs, I realised that what was on some peoples lists I had been fortunate enough to have already experienced. 1. Write a message on Juliet’s wall in Verona. 2. See Angkor Wat in Cambodia at sun rise. 3. Travel through the rain forest in Laos. 4. Go on a Gondola in beautiful Venice.  5. Go to Glastonbury festival. And even the simpler things…1. Write a blog. :-) 2. Learn how to meditate 3. Name a star (which I did for my lovely friend Terri’s 30th birthday)

WOW how lucky have I been. But would you be the same, you may look at my list and think, Wow I’ve already experienced some of those things. What about if we’ve already done some pretty awesome things but almost forgot about them as a distant memory. After realising this, it hit me….do we need a list or are we already doing and seeing pretty spectacular things every day and just not realising it. Last time you saw something truly majestic, did you realise or were you too busy with everything going on around you, the kids, rushing to work?

On my way home from a day at a beautiful meditation retreat, with my mind free and peaceful, me and my friend Kate who I was with noticed the most stunning of sunsets I have ever seen, we even pulled over to get out to look at it. Truly majestic!

So my question to you, do you ever have a moment where you feel truly sorry for yourself? Like life is not panning out or going how you wanted?

How about writing a list of all the INCREDIBLE things you’ve done and seen in your life already, the big things the little things. Remind yourself how lucky you are and how much you’ve achieved. Give yourself a pat on the back, you are AWESOME! You might not have climbed Everest or published a novel. But have you brought up children, built a career for yourself, volunteered your time, or even helped an elderly person with their shopping?

AND remember try not to close yourself to truly beautiful moments that are happening everyday…..pull over and watch that sunset. Life will pass you by without you realising it….take the blinkers off.

……so when you are old and frail and life is flashing through your eyes, make sure it was worth living!!

What’s on my ‘bucket list’… try and live everyday like it’s my last and not take ANYTHING for granted.

Until next time.

Faye x x x :-)

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