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Paying It Forward

I feel like this a blog I have to write. This week I have felt so saddened with awful news of recent events happening in this normally lovely area where I live. Firstly, the horrific news of a dog been tortured and buried alive in Kirkleatham woods. After a passer-by heard it whimpering and rushed it to the vets, where the poor dog had to be put down as its injuries were so severe. The second my husband shown me a video that has been posted to social media (may I add to try and help bring to light bullying and to try and help this girl) the video is of a girl of about 14 being severely beat up by another girl while about 15 teenagers stand around filming it. The third, a man, while out running, he was set upon and beaten leaving him with severe injuries.

I feel frightened and the sadness I feel I can't even describe. Is this the world we live in? Is this the world I must raise my baby girl in? Sometimes I switch off to the outside world. I don't watch the news, I generally find it too upsetting and it plays on my mind. So I live in my own bubble of goodness and happiness, surrounding myself with positivity. Everyone laughs about it. It's actually a bit of a running joke, friends and family say that there are rainbows, unicorns and dancing girls within my head.

But as I sit here and feel so let down by mankind I wonder is my little world of dancing girls and rainbows such a bad place to live in?!

With the evil and darkness that surrounds us, should we all not feel a little frightened to be a part of this world?!

Also, are too many of us turning a blind eye to the bad in this world because it's happening too often that we're almost used to it.

I'll never forget the memory I have from when I was a child my mum who was a single mum with 3 children who didn't drive. we were on a bus and one of my mums shopping bags broke and went all over the floor. With my young brother in the pram, me and my sister helped my mum search the bus for all the food that had spilled out under the sits. As we did this not one passenger on the busy bus stood up and helped pick up the shopping. They all watched a woman with 3 children, shopping bags and a pram, scurry around on the floor.

I cry when I think of this memory and worry did I lose my faith in humanity at an early age? and this is why now I refuse to watch the news and would rather live in my own world of positivity.

After some soul searching and time spent meditating. I opened my eyes and there it was, I realised to every evil and darkness in this world there is good and there is light. Every day humans are doing good and living good lives. I started researching good deeds and the amount of kindness in the world is so lovely and inspiring to see. Even right on your doorstep. A lovely man in the co-op in Marske offered to buy another customers shopping, not for any reason but to do a nice thing that day. Or my lovely brother who on many many occasions has helped people in difficult situations

I needed them reminders, I don't know about you.

Let’s do good deeds everyday. It doesn't have to be anything big, just help a stranger with their shopping if you can see the're struggling. Open a door or hold a door for someone. Pay it forward.

Keep paying it forward. I have done this by giving away a relaxing treatment to someone I know who is going through the most hardest of times. How are you going to pay it forward today?

Quote of the day.... always show more kindness than seems necessary. Because the person receiving it needs it more than you'll ever know.

Lots of love from me and the dancing girls in my head 😉

Faye x x x

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