• Faye Lyth

My Name Is Faye, And I Am Stupid

Hi my names Faye and I’m stupid, I’m dyslexic, I worry people will think I am thick, I cover it with humour that I’m blonde, I am scared of conversations with intelligent people as I know they will think I’m stupid and won’t know what I’m talking about. There are negative nasty thoughts I have had in my mind all of my adult life. Isn’t that awful, that your own voice in your head can tell you such nasty things. I would never ever call anybody else such names, so why oh why would I say it to myself... because I believe the voice, it was loud and shouted over everything else. THAT VOICE CAN/WOULD DESTROY YOU...! If you let it. Alongside this I believed the thoughts that were constantly there because I was them, my whole mind was taken up with thousands and thousands of thoughts, mostly negative. I know this is the same for 99% of humans...... HOW EXHAUSTING is that!!!!!!! But that’s just how your mind works isn’t it?! You ‘think’ all the time!! Well that’s what I thought for a REALLY long time. Turns out there is another way. There’s also a lot to be said for the mind and why it tells us these things, why it CONSTANTLY needs to ‘fix’ our problems. It’s not doing it to hurt you, it’s trying to help you as it always does, it just doesn’t know where the ‘off’ button is, so will try and explain/understand everything, which just isn’t possible. In moments like that it’s okay to say to the voice. ‘Thank you for trying to help me, but I’m not going to linger on that today.’ It was also a MASSIVE relief to realise there is a quiet space in your mind, we can take a breather from the constant chatter. That’s where meditation comes in. For me it was Ascension Meditation. But there are lots of meditations that people resonate with. As soon as I realised these monumental factors. My whole mindset started to change. The negative thoughts have been fewer and fewer. Which means the nasty voice has become quieter. I only tell myself wonderful things, whether it’s to do with me or others. I try to make that choice every time to not get drawn in to negativity. So in the spirit of the positive mind, let’s rephrase that first paragraph. Hi my name’s Faye, I have two beautiful children and I have my very own business. I organise lots of wonderful self-employed people with their individual dreams and I organise wonderful events to help others with their health and wellbeing. I’m a real people person and love learning about other people’s lives. I am very creative, and fun loving, I love to laugh and make others laugh, I am passionate about everything I do. Mmmm it seems that paragraph was slightly longer than the first. Strange that. Also a puzzler that I cried writing that first one but smiled writing that last one. Mmmm interesting. Well I don’t know about you, but I think this positive mindset might actually work!!!!!!! So would you do something for me, well no not me, would you do something for yourself. Tonight, before you go to bed, write a full page of positive things you love about yourself!!! A whole page!!!!!! Let me know how you sleep that night. :-) Lots of love, smiles, laughter and fun. Faye x x x

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