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My First Blog. :-)

I’ve never written a blog before…. English has never been my strong point so I think putting my thoughts and feelings down on paper is scarier than its looks. But hey I can always get my husband to proof read!! :-)

I thought now I’m working for myself I would love to share with you all a little bit about me and what I’m all about.  Well Hi my names Faye and I’m a beauty and holistic therapist. I like to think that I was put on this earth to help people. I know that sounds dramatic but I honestly believe that. Everyone has such stressful busy lives nobody ever stops, everyone’s always on the go whether it is running around after family, kids, a full time job and mostly just life takes hold of us. We never have time for ourselves. Even to sit down in the middle of the day with a cuppa and a magazine, you almost feel guilty! Is this you?? Its craziness, our whole Health and wellbeing depends on us looking after ourselves better than we do.

Becoming a therapist I knew I could help people have that time out for themselves, even if it was just an hour out of their day to come and have a treatment and totally switch off to everything going on in the outside world, It not only helps your stress levels but you feel better in yourself and go forward with a more clear head on how you’re going to approach the rest of the day or week or even month.

When I decided I wanted to work for myself it was to give people that time to totally switch off without feeling rushed or feel like they were on a conveyor belt. I wanted my clients to feel they had my undivided attention to help them completely chill out and relax. That is why most of my treatments are quite holistic in nature, I wanted as many of the treatments as possible to feel calming and peaceful. Because of this I think my favourite treatments have got to be the hot stones. The stones are from the earth so have extremely grounding qualities. From my experience clients after this treatment can feel not just totally relaxed but almost like a weight has been lifted off their shoulders….they almost float out of the door. I also LOVE facials not only are the products that I use amazing (will tell you more about them in detail another time) but because I incorporate massage in to the facial. So if you’re having a luxury facial I also include a hand and arm, shoulders, face, head and foot massage into the treatment. You come away feeling like your whole body has been pampered and your skin feels amazing!

I also have put together some pamper packages these are fabulous if you really want to take some time out and completely relax. My favourite is the ‘peace’ treatment, this package includes an Indian head massage, meditation, chakra balancing and a back of the body massage. It truly is an hour and a half of clearing the mind and balancing the body, and afterwards to quote a lovely regular client who left a review on my face book page….’I’ve never felt so relaxed in all my life.’ And this client (I’m sure she won’t mind me saying.) has had lots of treatments all over the country at some very prestigious spa and salons. How very lovely! :-)

So this journey I am on at the moment is really teaching me that taking time out for yourself even if it’s just half an hour every month is so very important. Enjoy life that’s what it’s all about and treat yourself to chill out time and NEVER feel guilty for it. Here to serve and help

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