• Faye Lyth

Laughter is the best medicine.

Did you know……Studies have shown that happiness is contagious and that cuddling a loved one releases natural painkillers, and holding a loved one’s hand can relieve pain and stress.

How lovely and true this is!! If you’re like me, and my friends and family will tell you I’m a real cuddler!!!  I’ve always said, a good cuddle can make everything better, and by the looks of it maybe I wasn’t far wrong.  Reading this statement got me thinking….how much time does a person in their life spend at the doctors, hospital, in the chemist, taking tablets, medicines, painkillers? I’d say quite a lot! Whether it’s physically or mentally our first thought to tackling any problem is to head to the doctors. Ok with a lot of ailments I appreciate that the doctors is the first port of call. But on a day to day basis could our health and wellbeing be helped a lot more by taking the time out to look after ourselves better. Laughing, smiling and cuddling more!!  If holding a loved one’s hand can relieve pain and stress I wonder what a full body massage could do.  I know from personal experience a treatment with a caring therapist can make you feel on top of the world….I’ve walked out of treatment rooms floating, and all my aches , pains and stress has completely disappeared. Mmm maybe doctors need to be handing over prescriptions for treatments!! :-)

I guess the point I’m trying to make is I truly believe wellness can be achieved through treatments, by taking that time for yourself to relax your body, de stress your mind and soothe your soul. This is why I believe what I do can truly help people.

So here is something to think about why not set yourself a little challenge…. Every day, every month try to do something that will help you, whether it’s a stroll round the block, 10 minutes meditating on your lunch break or even sitting with a cuppa and a book for half an hour when you get in from work in a quiet room. Life is manic but there’s always time to fit in ‘You’ time!  Every month try to make some time to have a treatment whether it’s a half an hour massage or a two hour pamper. Also remember to keep smiling, laughing, cuddling and have a ‘glass half full’ attitude instead of ‘half empty’.

My favourite quote this week……’Start treating yourself as if you're the most important asset you'll ever have. After all, aren't you?’

Lots of CUDDLES :-)

Faye x x x

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