• Faye Lyth

2 years at The Retreat!!

I started working for myself 5 whole years ago and what a journey it has been. 2 years ago I had the opportunity to build a dream into a reality and that was to create a place where lots of like minded  people could come together to help others with their knowledge and skills. It’s been incredible to watch this little well being centre go from strength to strength and now we have the best possible team I could ever ask for. We cover (hopefully) everything you would need for your mental and physical health. Although we are all independent businesses we are all working from this one space, this hub, which is so full of good energy. Every teacher and therapist support each other attend their classes, we work together as a team which is just so amazing. So to my lovely team/friends at The Retreat I just want to say thank you. Thank you for helping my little dream come a reality. This also applies to every client that walks through our little blue door.... from yoga, to meditation, to therapies, thank you for attending and letting us help you. We are at your service.

So please check out our ‘meet the team’ page on the website to see who is here to help you.

Also as The Retreat grows so does our need to cover all aspects of health and wellbeing, so watch this space lovely people, to see what’s coming next.

Here’s to many more birthdays for our little centre. :-)

Lots of love and light

Faye x

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