• Faye Lyth

The show must go on...

First let me start by saying Happy new year!!! I don’t know about you but I always find January a time for reflecting on the past year/years.. sometimes doing this can become quite emotional. We look at all the things that happened good and bad ... it truly is an emotional rollercoaster. We are extraordinary creatures to deal with what our mind/emotions throw at us. 2017 was an incredibly exciting year for myself, opening my amazing wellbeing centre, the honour of being a bridesmaid for a special couple, and to end the year becoming a mum for the second time to my beautiful son Grayson. I mean wow, what a high to end on.

But as I contemplate the year, I think of the lows that occurred around these joyous events.. why does that happen? To every positive does there always have to be a negative? Or is my ‘mind’ playing tricks on me again..?!

Are these negative ‘things’ that happen just sent to try us, to make us really appreciate the positives and to make us a little tougher?!

What we must learn to do is take the good with the bad.. it’s all just a learning curve... if I’ve been burned by helping another, will that stop me helping someone else, of course not, I will ALWAYS help people, it’s who I am. I just live and learn from each situation....the show must go on!

-don’t let others cast a dark shadow...

Remember how extraordinary you are.. don’t be afraid. Negative things happen but they surely don’t ever compare to the positives, so don’t focus on them!!!!

Everything happens for a reason. So why we sit contemplating our past year, remember this.. whatever is broken can almost always be fixed. Don’t give up. Maybe the negatives are sometimes needed to show us how amazing the positives are... so 2018 I think I’m strong enough to take you on. No I correct that I know I’m strong enough to take you on, because whatever comes my way, good or bad, things ALWAYS happen for a reason, whether you know what that reason is or not, just accept that this was the path you were meant to take...

There is always a silver lining. ❤

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