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"Arjuna’s passion for helping everyone live a life less ordinary shines through this book. It is a siren call to all those wishing to thrive in life, rather than merely survive.”


— Dr Fiona Turnbull, clinical psychologist 



No matter how hard we chase more, we never seem to find enough.


If you look around, there’s burnout, overwhelm, self-doubt, dissatisfaction and disconnection – everywhere.


Our problem, in many ways, is that we have so much and do so much, but none of it seems to add up to anything lasting.


There’s a fundamental problem with the way we define, and strive for, success in life: We’re wildly out of balance, and suffering because of it.


But –


With a few small shifts from the way everyone else does life you can find a deeply satisfying and meaningful path forward – on your own terms. 


There’s an old saying: “Go within or go without”.  I think it should be, “Go within to go beyond”.


Here you will find that your ability to chase more is only amplified when you find enough – and in balance not only do you change your own life, you make a difference to everyone around you.



Find out how to:


+ end the constant searching of the Donut Life

+ find fulfilment and satisfaction that isn’t caused — and that lasts

+ be calm and rock-steady, no matter the chaos around you

+ balance all your doings with a deep sense of being – become a true human being

+ get an inner anchor to a passionate outer life of action


And get all your questions answered (given time!).


See you there!



“Arjuna challenges the dominant false narratives of what will make us happy and instead offers practical approaches to ending the search and finding more success and fulfilment in our lives- right now.”


— Steven D'Souza, Global Head of Leadership at PMI, Executive Educator, Coach and Bestselling Co-Author of the CMI Management Book of the Year, 'Not Knowing'. 



About Arjuna:


Former outdoor instructor and now monk, Arjuna Ishaya is the author of “200% – An Instruction Manual for Living Fully”. He’s currently working with military and police bomb disposal squads, and lives with his family in North Yorkshire, UK.


He still gets out kayaking as much as he can.




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